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Many thanks to the people have help the database financially,  supplied data and given corrections.

    If you would like to donate funds to maintain this public version of my database you can be sure that this will be greatly appreciated.

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If you know of any other resources available on the web please contact Glen Beech

The information within the Quintessa Database is correct to the best of my ability.
Several things should be taken into consideration in the database:.

  • Abbreviations, e.g., Dog v Kennel, Dog v. Kennel, and Dog von Kennel or Kennel Dog, Kennel's Dog

  • Spelling of names, especially European characters von der Nürburg vs von der Nurburg

  • Duplicate Names.  There are 8 Great Danes with the name of Aramis under the Swedish Kennel Club.

  • Any corrections or additions of data to the Quintessa database are always welcome. 
    The Quintessa Great Dane Database is maintained on Breedmate