Database Thank You

This page is dedicated to those who have appreciated my efforts and contributed financially; also 
those who have provided information, corrections and shown their appreciation of my efforts

Financial Donors

Georgia Gilham of Gilham Great Danes
Mel and Janie Pronto of Nuttree Great Danes
Sheri Goncher of Windwood Great Danes
Kristine Travis of Janus Great Danes
Cheryl Cline and Maryland Sandale Danes
Lynda Dedrick of Kandu Great Danes
Brittany Cipriotti of Ellenni Danes
 J Roger Ritzman of Rajah Great Danes
Shirley Struble of Shakti Danes
Georgia Hymmen of Daynakin Danes
Wendy Donati 
Kim Ward 
Cari Jensen of  Dirt Rd Ranch
Rachel Cawley of
Cynthia & John Neet 
Ken Vojik of Mercerwood Great Danes

Data Contributors

It would be impossible to thank everyone who have supplied data, pedigrees, corrections etc.
but I would like to thank the following people for their databases

Gloria & Glen Bearss (Glenglo Great Danes)
Ken & Louise O'Brien (Daneheart Great Danes)
Hildegard Schliefert (Hildydane Great Danes)
David Barnes (Faondein Great Danes)