Great Dane Collectable Items

There are a large range of collectables items associated with the Great Dane.   Here I have tried to show some examples and where possible give credit to the artist and the location of the supplying and manufacturing company.

Collectable items available are:
  • Figurines & Statues
  • Paintings, Prints & Sketches
  • Stamps
  • Cigarette Cards & Post Cards
  • Cards  and other Stationary
  • Clothing (T-shirts, Ties, Etc.)
  • Other Item (Mugs, Plates, Etc.)
  • Figurines & Statues

      The HamerCook Collection

    Paintings, Prints & Sketches

    Michael Allen Sketches of Great Danes
    Soren Christiansen Dog Sketches


    The above image of some of the stamps available have come from Boswell's Framed Stamps.


    Cigarette Cards & Post Cards

    There is a large range of cigarette cards available. Here is just an example of a few I have obtained though collectable and antique stores
    The cards below are available from Boswell's Framed Stamps. 

    Again Great Dane and other dog related post cards can be found in antique and collectable stores.  That can be unused but the used forms can be more interesting with the comments of the day can be intriguing

    Cards and other Stationary

    Harequin Great Dane Embroided Card by
    Embroided Products for Animal Lovers 
    2 Mallard Hurn, Donington, 
    Lincolnshire PE11 4XF (UK) 
    Tel & Fax 01775-821110

    Clothing (T-shirts, Ties, Etc.)

    Great Dane T-shirts come in many forms.

  • Great Dane Clubs
  • Show Stance
  • the Great Dane Standards
  • Humerous 
  • Cross Stitch

    There are seveal  Great Dane Cross Stitch Patterns available. Here is an example
    Available From: Pegasus Originals, Inc.
    Designed by: Stephanie Hedgepath
    Stitch Count: 66w x 96h - 13 Colors 
    Title: Dogs Collection Two
    Item #:104


    Other Item (Mugs, Plates, Etc.)