Welcome to the Quintessa Web Page.  My name is Glen Beech I have been living with Danes since 1991 when I met Pat.  Sadly I lost Pat late in 2013 but I am continuing to try a maintain our breeding in a manner that would make her proud.

Patricia Kingham (Pat) started breeding Danes since 1963.  She purchased my first Dane from Bringtonhill Kennels whilst in England on a working holiday and Martell actually travelled home to Australia with her on a cruise ship.  It was a memorable experience and many friendships were formed with people who visited the section of the deck allocate to check his daily growth.  He even had his own crew member to attend to his every need.

Quintessa concentrate mainly on breeding the elusive harlequins and have a total commitment to furthering the development of the breed.   Many strong friendships are forged with purchasers of our puppies and in many cases, we are now finding that the grown-up children of people who purchased puppies many years ago, now contact us for their own Great Dane for their children.

We love what we do and we love our dogs, they are part of the family and are house dogs first and foremost.

We are always there to assist with the rearing of our babies and also have "Quintessa" face book group where people from all over the world can communicate, send photos, share precious moments, discuss minor worries and generally rely on a world-wide network to assist in a variety of topics.

A wonderful temperament is an essential and integral part of the Great Dane character so that they are a great family pet and unfailingly gentle with young children.  

We have bred many champions over the years and have also achieved an enviable record of success in Obedience Trials.

 Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding any aspect of this magnificent breed of dog.